estoy harto de españa ya; eso dicen

Llevo varios años escuchando lo mal que está este país, la falsa democracia que hay, y todo tipo de quejas inútiles que pretenden echar la culpa de todo mal a los políticos cuando no es a terceros.
Yo intento hacer caso omiso a todo este conflicto político y social actual y suelo guardarme mi opinión para mi mismo. Soy extranjero y aunque la ley lo permita, no creo que sea correcto quejarme de nada al España haberme aceptado, acogido y abierto las puertas a Europa y todo tipo de oportunidades y experiencias (y a mis padres que decidieron salir de su país natal, Venezuela, por sus hijos). Pero esta mañana vi un video que Podemos publicó en Facebook: hmm OK. Después leí algunos comentarios y ya fue la gota que colmó el vaso: Tengo que quejarme. Read More


abortion in our world. commentary and rates.

To begin with, I don’t think abortion is a question of religion, but of civilization. I am pro-life myself. Having said so, I like to keep fixed on this side with no exceptions. There are those who consider certain cases as exceptions for abortion, such as rape, or when the mother’s life is at risk, or if the child will have significant birth defects that would be an excessive burden. Read More

camino de santiago 14′

This last week i managed to complete part of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. First off, I 100% recommend it. Wether you make it for religious purposes or not, the trip will probably be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. There are many Caminos depending on where you start from. The busiest trail starts in France, but you don’t have to do the entire thing, and most people don’t.

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an incredible pursuit of perfection

These pictures are a bit old now. Nevertheless, every time I see them, they always leave me astonished. So I wanted to remember them again.
On September 30th 2009 the People’s Republic of China celebrated with tens of thousands of people a big parade in Tiananmen Square its 60th anniversary of communist rule.
The parade is another example of what the Chinese are capable of with a large group of people and many hours of practice and ultimately their exemplary pursuit of perfection.
Collected here are photographs of the once-in-a-decade National Day parade in Beijing, and of others commemorating the anniversary elsewhere.

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proposed russia to north america rail connection

The Transcontinental Railway aka ICL-World Link (Intercontinental link) is a planned 6,000-kilometer link between Siberia and Alaska providing oil, natural gas, electricity, and railroad passengers to the United States from Russia, which should be ready by 2030.

With the Eurostar, this means you could go straight from New York to London, Or with the European rail network one could get to Madrid, Lisbon, Milan, Lyon.. With this system, one day you’ll be able to go from New York to New York! I look forward to seeing a bunch of New Yorkers in New York.

Joking apart, is this connection even possible?

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