solar energy of the U.S, Germany and Spain vs fox news

Behold this map reagarding photovoltaic potential (solar energy) of the U.S, Germany and Spain:

It’s interesting how Germany has such a low photovoltaic potential and yet still gets so much solar energy.

Anyways, the whole point of this map is answering to the Fox News comment that “Germany is sunnier than the USA“. In the article, Fox News expert on solar energy claims that Germany gets a lot more sun than the US (watch video):

(relevant to this post in 2:18)

Actually, Germans get incredibly sunny weather all year round, its just that there’s clouds in the way all the time. They should export their clouds.
How the fuck is that girl an expert on ‘solar energy’? Just because Germany has lots of solar panels it doesn’t mean it gets more sun than Florida, New Mexico, California or Arizona for that matter. Germans visit Florida for a reason, among them being more sun in Florida.

I guess people tend to forget how far north Europe really is. The UK for instance is at the same latitude as Labrador. And Spain as north-east US. The Gulf Stream makes a huge difference. Ocean currents affect climate in a profound way.

An interesting fact is that, according to the Desertec project, an area about the size of Switzerland in the Sahara desert, covered in solar energy sources, could power the entire World. The red squares represent the area that would be enough for solar power plants to produce a quantity of electricity consumed by the world today, in Europe (EU-25) and Germany (De).


Then again, we’d need to run superconducting cables everywhere and it’d be a single point of failure.

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