the photographer living in children’s nightmares

All children dream. In dreams, the worlds through which we pass by are not always gentle. Sometimes they are hellish due to their incomprehensibility. Other times, delusional due to their probability. Read More


camino de santiago 14′

This last week i managed to complete part of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. First off, I 100% recommend it. Wether you make it for religious purposes or not, the trip will probably be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. There are many Caminos depending on where you start from. The busiest trail starts in France, but you don’t have to do the entire thing, and most people don’t.

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islam: enough with the hatred

This post regards the islamic religion, one of the four Abrahamic religions — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; the fourth one is less known, but Bahá’í Faith is sometimes listed as well.
The basic reason of why I dedicate part of my time to write and study a bit on the matter, is to somehow, as a Catholic Christian, hand to those who read me some information and to try to remove hatred from people’s minds and to kill prejudice and spread respect and tolerance between religions and cultures.

We — contradictory to what I’m about to say — love using blanket and general statements. These can frequently be insulting. We may even mean to insult. But when we do so to whichever group we cover in the blanket statement, we also belittle our own intelligence by using them. As Laurent Gounelle said in a book of his, you will have taken a big step in your life when you stop generalizing.
The bigger issue though, is that inaccuracies tend to derail a conversation, and sometimes, in the worst cases, entire ways of thinking.

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the united states of america

As any other country and culture, The United States of America have both good and bad things.
As a young European federalist, and with no particular country to which I belong, I want to focus on some of the good things the US has with this post for all to read.

There are several things I really admire, respect and envy –in the best sense of the word– from my fellow American.

To begin with, what is something we literally see in our everyday lives no matter where you live in? In general terms, specially Europeans, tend to think of Americans as cultureless. But the truth is, the American culture is the one culture exporting faster and harder than any other thanks to globalization, the internet, and Hollywood. Which brings me to praising their Movies and TV series. The US is by far best in it, something of which the influence on the world should not be underestimated.
Because it exports its culture through entertainment, the rest of the world has become interested in their politics and eventually their businesses and its economy. This last one is something I admire a lot. Everything has a price. Everything is buyable and there are markets and stock exchanges for everything and anything.

Their success and richness, furthermore, are often the result of private enterprises and the people’s meritocracy. Understood as the antithesis of the Hispanic wealth system in South America, whose success and richness often come from proximity to political power.

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wake-up call to society

I saw some pictures that touched me deep down.
Made me hurt and feel sorry for those who don’t know what it feels like to be unconditionally loved by their parents.
It’s a sobering reminder that there is good out there.

A 97 year old Chinese mother feeding and taking care of her 60 year old paralyzed son every day for over 19 years (nothing like mother love, right?).

And the picture I want to have a larger outlook on:

Here is a story from Taiwan about this picture (translated by Google).
It’s from 2012, and the guy is a 62 year old retired intelligence/detective-type from Taiwan. He took his mom to the hospital due to her braking a leg and was not comfortable in a wheelchair. The image went viral in Taiwan and a few days after, she passed away.

Yes, okay. I agree. The picture was not taken with that man’s permission and we should treat it as a private moment that doesn’t need to be turned into a spectacle of the internet. Anyhow, I do think it’s a view worth having at least for some seconds to think about some few things.

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