Respect the dead

I am of the opinion that Halloween isn’t a big deal as long as it respects a particular thing many give lots of importance to.

During these All Saints’ dates, many remember their beloved friends and families who have left to that idealized place according to each one’s belief. Having lived in Spain, I have noticed how fellows my age and younger are embracing this new Halloween trend in a disrespectful way that consists of characterizing the dead — giving them such a look that laughs them down to amuse kids (and not so kids) with jokes and parties.

I think this new culture of the dead contradicts the respect I think death should be given; that of our beloved, that of our unkown and that of our own, which will get to us eventually. While our waiting lasts, I would ask to less criminalize those awoken, dead bodies with a frightening appearance, and to more respect the true dead… those who will surely never hurt or harm us. And may they rest in peace.

Zombies atending to Perth’s ComiCon. Source:


estoy harto de españa ya; eso dicen

Llevo varios años escuchando lo mal que está este país, la falsa democracia que hay, y todo tipo de quejas inútiles que pretenden echar la culpa de todo mal a los políticos cuando no es a terceros.
Yo intento hacer caso omiso a todo este conflicto político y social actual y suelo guardarme mi opinión para mi mismo. Soy extranjero y aunque la ley lo permita, no creo que sea correcto quejarme de nada al España haberme aceptado, acogido y abierto las puertas a Europa y todo tipo de oportunidades y experiencias (y a mis padres que decidieron salir de su país natal, Venezuela, por sus hijos). Pero esta mañana vi un video que Podemos publicó en Facebook: hmm OK. Después leí algunos comentarios y ya fue la gota que colmó el vaso: Tengo que quejarme. Read More

the dishonest conduct by those in power | corruption.

I hate corruption. I loathe it. I advocate intolerance for it. But I live in the real world.
Let me start by putting this post into context. The current place I live in is Spain. Specifically its capital, Madrid. Maybe you know, maybe you don’t, Spain is a very corrupt country. People are tired of every new corruption story. It’s an insult and lowers us down every time. More and more people are joining the fight against corruption, and the discussion keeps growing. To focus the Spanish situation, I’d like to contrast with numbers and give it a worldwide perspective. Read More

we just think we know what we’re hungry for

We become what we read. What we read today walks and talks with us tomorrow. I recently read a book by Matthew Kelly, who is not a philosopher; he doesn’t bring any new apportation to reason or to us. As a matter of fact all he says was said before him 2000 years earlier only adapted to early 21st century. The book’s message won’t be entirely useful or appropriate for all audiences, especially if the reader is firm in faith. It is still a very good and firm critic and reminder of what our core and base is.
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birdman (or the unexpected virtue of ignorance)

I saw this Oscar winning film last night with my family. I enjoyed the movie. As a matter of fact, I would say it is potentially one of my favorites of all time. A really well-done dark-comedy. It’ll take some rewatching to analyze it more. The plot, as summerized in wikipedia, is about an actor (Riggan), famous for portraying an iconic superhero, struggles to mount a Broadway play in NYC. Riggan is destined to be misunderstood. In the days leading up to opening night, he battles his ego and attempts to recover his family, his career and himself.

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