Respect the dead

I am of the opinion that Halloween isn’t a big deal as long as it respects a particular thing many give lots of importance to.

During these All Saints’ dates, many remember their beloved friends and families who have left to that idealized place according to each one’s belief. Having lived in Spain, I have noticed how fellows my age and younger are embracing this new Halloween trend in a disrespectful way that consists of characterizing the dead — giving them such a look that laughs them down to amuse kids (and not so kids) with jokes and parties.

I think this new culture of the dead contradicts the respect I think death should be given; that of our beloved, that of our unkown and that of our own, which will get to us eventually. While our waiting lasts, I would ask to less criminalize those awoken, dead bodies with a frightening appearance, and to more respect the true dead… those who will surely never hurt or harm us. And may they rest in peace.

Zombies atending to Perth’s ComiCon. Source:



  1. Gustavo · October 31, 2015

    Great job! Your point is well taken!
    I think younger generations that grew up under the influence of the Zombies phenomenon have taken the Holiday to a new level which I am not too happy about it either. However, I want to take this opportunity to share a couple of well written resources by Scott Richert, an American author of many articles on Catholic issues. Enjoy them!

    This one is about the ongoing conflict in the U.S. between Catholics and Evangelical Christians regarding Halloween.

    This one provides a clear history of Halloween.


    • Dimitri · November 12, 2015

      Very interesting links! Especially the latter one. I’ve read so much about Halloween origins that I wasn’t sure anymore of what to believe to be true or not. The posts you provided seem well argumented and convincing, so i’ll go ahead and think of it as fair enough to be true haha. Thanks for your comment and reading me! Cheers :)


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