european genetics

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I find It’s pretty interesting that the Turkish are genetically not Turkic. If you look at Turks, and then look at Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Uighurs, etc., you’d realize that Turks are clearly genetically European/Middle Eastern. Invading Turkic tribes were small in number, and mainly induced cultural/language shift among existing Indo-European speaking people.
I’ve always wondered why does Turkey always show up on European maps since I’ve always referred to it as Asia. Doing a bit of research I learnt that Turkey has an interesting intercontinental cultural history that makes it difficult to lump it in with either group exclusively. Parts of it have a very secular European culture, while other parts have a more Middle Eastern culture. As the heart of the Ottoman Empire, their lands used to extend as far as Vienna. Additionally, the geographic “separation” of the Eurasian continent into Europe and Asia has definitely had a great effect on keeping the two as somewhat isolated entities for much of history. At least to a much greater extent than other factors that may be used to separate areas of the world. Even much more arbitrary than the separation of North America and South America. Also, in cultural terms, apart from being Islamic, Turkey has always had far more in common with European than Asian counties.

You can see the same in Britain as in Turkey. Mostly Celtic by genetics even with various Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman invasions. With the Normans themselves probably just mostly (in terms of numbers) being genetically similar to the old Celtic inhabitants of mainland Europe.
The Celts eh… they’ll take anyone to bed and change for anyone. How romantic (lol).
Finns are the most Siberian people in Europe. No wonder they don’t feel cold.
Spain is remarkably more homogeneous than I would have thought. I was expecting more arabic and north african genes. I guess people tend to believe this so because the arabs were settled here for a long time, but the original spaniards kicked them out, I don’t think they left many of them alive.

This other great map might help some people when it comes to haplogroups (defined as a group of similar haplotypes that share a common ancestorhaving the same single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) mutation in all haplotypes).

If you like maps like this one, you’ll love this other map. It really shows the massive European influence on all of the Americas. The European influence is also massively understated in places like Jamaica and Haiti which have had proven historical intermixing with Europeans, but knowledge of ancestry is lost over time.
If you watch closely, maybe you’ll find amazing that Canada has a higher mestizo population than USA (proportionaly). Probably due to natives not being hunted down as much.

And basically we can say that genetics has nothing to do with people’s culture or language, it only determines the physiology (appearance and so on). Culture dictates who you associate with/marry/breed with, ergo influences genetics. Genetics, however, has little or no influence on culture. (unless the skin colors are way off).

Relevant fact regarding the topic? It has been reported that Africans are more genetically diverse than the inhabitants of the rest of the world combined.

I would think it’s kind of obvious just by looking at this other map of human migration from place of origin using a Dymaxion projection.


If you still don’t see it and want a helpful way to think of it, remember that all non-Africans are descended from the group of Africans that left Africa. Other African groups diverted before humans left Africa.

As for the R1B Africa thing, in this link you’ll find some information.


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