what is banned where?

I recently found another very topical and interesting map regarding politics, technology, maps and data published by MotherJones. An article containing a whole big mass of info of which you can get high on. It was published due to Turkey’s recent Twitter and YouTube banning.

Personally, I’d prefer to focus on the map rather than the article itself. You should read the text though (click on the image) since it explains in an objective point of view when or why Facebook, Twitter or YouTube have been banned in these countries.

Minding the map again. It’s really curious how the old Silk Road, once the conduit of knowledge between cultures, has changed. I find crazy how one can travel the 13,000 km trip from Istanbul to Pyongyang and not be able to access YouTube the entire time.

Adding to MotherJones’s article — China’s managed to cleverly get around potential backlash by letting local companies set up their own versions of Facebook and Twitter as long as they give the government power to control content.
Since they’re mostly concerned with blocking political dissent and most people only use those sites for chatting and posting pictures of food there isn’t a big movement to unblock the original ones.
Or is it the opposite? China has cleverly managed to get people to use local companies versions that they part own and make a hefty profit by blocking the original sites.

An Iranian reddit user explains its country’s internet issue: “The blocks are not a problem because we all use proxies to access these websites and others that are blocked. However, the real problem is that its been quite a few years that the government has been artificially lowering the internet speed to painful levels e.g. 1min Youtube video takes 5min to buffer. Currently, the Rouhani administration is involved in heated debates with hardline elements over the unblocking of FB and highering internet speed.”


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