my opinion of Hell

If you’ve read the ‘about me‘ page in this blog, you might have guessed I’m pretty much into metaphysical crap stuff. That is, after all, the message I intended you to takeaway from that particular post. This time I’d like to talk about religion. Abrahamic religions to be more concrete. Inside this subject there are actually tons of things to talk about. Too many debates can derive from this topic. But I’d like to focus on one particular topic: hell. Who hasn’t wondered at least once if there is a hell? You’ve probably had many questions about it and you probably have an opinion of your own.

What I really want to talk about is the actual definition of hell as the Catholic faith, and possibly many others understand it. To be clear on something, it’s important to know a shocking fact before we start digging: Satan doesn’t punish you, you join him — you punish yourself — (wtf? yup). Those who are sorry for their sins have a chance. Only those who are indifferent go to Hell. This place isn’t as pop culture has made us think of it. It’s not all flames and fire. Hell is the absence of God for eternity, which, theorically, it’s the biggest suffering there is.

So –you might think– in Hell you feel like an atheist? I mean, I’m already doing that, so what’s the difference?
You may think being an atheist is living in the absence of God, but when there really is an absence of God, I definitely think it’d be a lot worse.
I mean, think of it. Even Satan hates Hell which is why he spends so much time out of it when you look at the Bible. God’s punishment to Satan after the rapture will be locking him in Hell forever. If Hell weren’t shitty, I don’t think getting locked in there would be so bad.
But wait –you might think again– if Satan is banished to Hell, how does he keep getting out? Hell must be a pretty shitty prison.
He has been condemned but not fully imprisoned. The full level of condemnation to hell will be after the return of Christ. At least, that’s what it seems like Revelation is saying.

So, to clarify. Hell is the state of being appart from God. Away from Him. That’s what I meant by saying ‘the absense of God’. Stay with me. It doesn’t matter if you don’t belive in Him, He still loves you. That’s how much God loves you: He lets you chose whether to believe and love Him or not. So, summerizing, knowing that you’re loved but you still deny on Him, by denying on Him you’re chosing the state of being appart from God: Hell. And it’d be the antithesis of God: something like a state of complete numbness and desperate isolation of all you can find in life — aid, relief, joy and comfort.

That definition is what Hell would be like for me. Then again, I think Hell will differ for each person.


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